Chef Michael Reining welcomes you to The Radio Kitchen!
The Specials
ChocolatePecan Pie
classic pecan pie with a chocolaty twist

Boeff Bourgignon
beef stew with red wine
Pork Cutlets
with Apple Dijon sauce and pickled radish pods
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Smoked Quail
on a tapenade croupton

Grilled Flank Steak
spicy Argentinean parsley sauce
Port Patty Melt
carraaway potatoes
Sherry Braised Chestnut Ravioli
leeks and dried cranberries
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Welcome to the Radio Kitchen!
Port Poached Pears
dispped in chocolate
I'm Michael Reining and I've spent about 18 years in kitchens around the San Francisco area. Currently, doing In-home catering for And more recently consulting chef at Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen, also as the Executive Sous Chef at Postrio Café and Bar, South Beach Yacht Club and the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco. I'm a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, I have cooked in restaurants and corporate catering kitchens, on a ship on the Bering Sea in Alaska, pie shops and even Jack-In-The-Box (my first cooking gig when I was 18), I also enjoy cooking instruction.
Recipe: Mushroom Crepes
Wild mushroom filled herb creps with beet cream sauce.
This is a popular dish with my private party catering clients. Great flavors and wonderful colors! The crepe recipe is very simple, and the crepe making process goes quick when you have two small non-stick egg pans.
A trip to the Farmers Market with Chef Mike...
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I spent 18 years in broadcast radio (read-Disc Jockey) and now nearly 18 years as a kitchen pro, I am putting all the pieces of my life into this project. I am your host for The Radio Kitchen.

Through the stories on The Radio Kitchen I want to get you interested, PASSIONATE, about food and cooking. I'm gonna tell you a story, a story that, I hope will make you hungry. Hungry for more! More food. More information. More recipes. More. Join me as I concoct a mélange ranging from interviews with food pros and foodies, recipe and menu ideas, new and fun food products, plus ways to play with your food along with wines and spirits.

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