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Meeting a culinary icon can be daunting. For me, Jacques Pépin is the mountaintop guru of fine cooking. Thankfully, he is not that hard to approach.. .Keep Reading >>
Jacques Pepin
Chef, PBS Cooking
Show Host
I am getting this image from the bits and pieces in my research: He's a culinary globetrotter, on TV every week from a new exotic location...Keep Reading >>
I am a carnivore. No apologies. But I am always looking for that vegetable edge, some new idea or inspiration to get me to eat ... Keep Reading >>
Anthony Bourdain
Chef, Traveler, Eater,
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From the archives, here is the interview I did with John Cleese of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers fame, as well as movies like... Keep Reading >>
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John Cleese
Wine and fun guy
Chris Cosentino is the Executive Chef at Incanto Restaurant and Wine Bar in San Francisco. Incanto is Italian for enchanted. Inspired by Italy's greatest poet... Keep Reading >>
Deborah Madison
Chris Cosentino
Chef, Offal Advocate
Anthony Bourdain
John Cleese
Joyce Goldstein
Amanda Hesser
Chirs Cosentino
Michael Kalanty
Deborah Madison
Helene Marshall
Neil Marquis
Alice Medrich
David Nelson
Jacques Pepin
Michael Reining
Marie Simmons
Rosina Wilson
There are families and there are Families. Michael Kalanty has been in the "Chef" family since he left his corporate job...Keep Reading >>
Michael Kalanty
Baker, Instructor
Alicia Jenish
... every last bite!
Jeff Emery